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By: Susie Burns

Come Enjoy the Highly Seductive Adult Game of Narcos XXX

Let’s face it… As Narcos fans, we’ve all wanted to live the life of the drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, at least once! Shooting people, accruing cocaine and fucking beautiful girls – doesn’t it make for one exciting potpourri of thrills and drama? Well, here’s introducing a raunchy game that could arouse and excite you, and even your girlfriend!

What is Narcos XXX?

This is the first and new erotic web game, based on the hit Netflix show – Narcos. The legacy of the controversial kingpin Pablo Escobar has lived long after his death. His adventures make for gripping narratives, where moments of his erotic lifestyle continue to entice everyone alike.

As a hardcore new porn game, you can re-live your fantasies and delve into his action-packed crime world. Not only do you get to kill your enemies, run your drug cartel, but also have steamy sex with gorgeous girls.

Why Narcos XXX?

Imagine being a part of the very steamy, hot scenes you drooled on, when watching Narcos… Well, you can be a part of those very scenes and re-live the hardcore porn you’d wanted to, for so long. Well, Narcos XXX enables you to simulate the raunchy lifestyle of Pablo Escobar. The simulations are crafted so well that you feel you’re Pablo himself and the feels are all so real! This graphical adult game encompasses all the fantasies a Narcos fan may have had, when watching the series.

The moments you’d conjured up about your sexual fantasies could be easily unleashed when playing this game… Bring your girlfriend along when playing this game, as you’re going to enjoy it much more when playing with her (Pun totally unintended)!

What to expect when playing this game?

When playing this exciting adult game, you live the life of the infamous drug lord, and get to do all the sexy stuff without any restrictions! Find a private place to unravel the exciting new levels of this game, where you clear the stage and attain the ultimate fantasy of fucking a hot chick.

With every stage you clear, you get to enjoy more of the sexy, steamy stuff you were truly craving for… Bring another new fantasy to life, with every cleared stage. Now isn’t it more than any motivation you’d have wanted in a game?

What makes the game so exciting is the fact that it comes with a vast section of creatives… The isometric style with a top down view of Medellin is one of the appealing features designed to attract clients. The graphics are programmed in a way to make this game arousing leaving users demanding more. Cartel and policia are also included so that it sounds mysterious, exciting and enjoyable.

So why not let the excitement flow without any restriction? Let the game go on, and help you enjoy the exciting, seductive pursuits of the drug lord. Come and unlock the blissful fantasies you’ve had in your heart for so long. Narcos XXX is the game you need to flow untrammeled into an exciting new world, where seduction reaches a new level of ecstasy.


  • Michael Balek, 1 day ago: LMAO… “Ms. Pac Whore”, when my gf and me saw this game title and saw that it was actually a real game, it took us 4 minutes to stop laughing at the name alone. What’s even funnier is once we started playing, we both said it was better than the original Pacman. By far!

  • Anonymous, 1 day ago: I'm a gamer and consider myself a sadist so you could say I am very happy I found these games. Some of them even let you skullfuck the characters. Fucking yes!

  • Tuco, 1 day ago: THESE GAMES BE TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT!

  • Jessica Stein, 2 days ago: Call me a prude but I didn’t know they actually made sex video games… wow

  • Meg M, 3 days ago: I rarely ever comment in these comment sections but I had to just for this. First time adult gamer here. I’m 28 and suffer from what many would describe as ‘dry pussy’ syndrome, I have difficulty getting wet and it is has affected my relationships and I just want to THANK YOU because ive never seen anything like these games. I just played Grand Fuck Auto and I’m leaking like a faucet. I now know what to play before sex.

  • Robbie, 3 days ago: Free adult games that are actually worth playing? Count me in!

  • Sarah Zeeky, 3 days ago: My boyfriend will love these games hahahaa

  • Ryan, 4 days ago: Does anyone know if I can play these games on my Xbox?

  • Jim Eperson, 4 days ago: Great post. Didn’t know games like these existed but I’m already a fan. Thanks!

  • Steve, 4 days ago: TITRIS is where it's at!

  • Daniel Jose, 4 days ago: The Invincible IronCock.... Viagra is a hell of a drug.

  • Anonymous, 4 days ago: This trash is news? Maybe instead of reporting about violent adult online sex video games you could talk about Trump and what’s actually going on in this world.

  • SexGameAddict, 4 days ago: You guys are way uptight, especially ‘Anonymous’. Some people have outgrown games like Super Mario and Sonic. I don’t need to justify my reasons for liking these types of games but I will say I like them because #1, they are free to play, and #2 you can take your anger and frustration out on them while having fun. You can make the girl characters in these games do stuff your girlfriend won’t do. SARAH IF YOU’RE READING THIS WHY WONT YOU DO ANAL ITLL BE FUN I PROMISE

  • Bryan C, 5 days ago: Where have games like this been all my life? Just tried out Zombie Heat and BatBalls: Hard Knight Rises, hahaha. They're actually amazing.

  • Anonymous C, 5 days ago: I just binge played Call of Booty with the gf and let me tell you gentlemen, this game is good. My girlfriend likes to game more than I do but she was super into it and it made her horny as fuck LOL. IDK what this game did to her but right after we were done playing she actually ASKED me to choke her and fuck her like a cheap whore. THANK YOU CREATORS OF CALL OF BOOTY.